$5,000 annual (Limited number available)


  • Logo placed at the end of EVERY Adventure video "powered by" (our videos average 7,000 - 10,000 organic unique impressions)

  • Logo placed on the home page of Adventure Guru (larger size) with linkback

  • Ad placed in 2 of our monthly newsletters (NEW FEATURE)

  • Product placement (if applicable) in 1 video

  • Ultimate adventure karma

~ 1.7 million annual reach

Black Diamond

$2,500 annual 
  • Logo placed on the Home page of Adventure Guru with linkback
  • Logo placed at the end of videos in one selected/approved region
  • Ad placed in 1 of our newsletters
  • Fantastic adventure karma
~ 250,000 - 400,000 annual reach depending on the region selected


$500 annual 


  • Logo placed on our homepage

  • Alignment with Adventure Guru's fun brand and community

  • Feel good karma for changing the world with us one adventure at a time

~ 75,000 annual reach

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