The DIY Adventure Wedding

There's a lot of pressure around getting married. As if a life long commitment to someone isn't pressure enough, our society as idealized the wedding ceremony to require nothing short of fairytale idyllic conditions. A white horse, thousands of dollars in flowers and cake, and pressure to make the party the best one of all time. If your weddings falls flat, you failed... 


I'm here to tell you that you have options, and to not buy into this horrific societal norm. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks your wedding should be like. You can create a fairytale for just you and your spouse-to-be based on your collective passions. It's no wonder adventure weddings are on the rise! Eloping is a great way to focus on your inner circle, what matters to each of you. If you're adventurers/outdoor enthusiasts then an Adventure Wedding just might be the perfect way to start your passion-based life together. 



In order to find the perfect location for an adventure wedding, you need to know what lights each of you up? Waterfalls, mossy forest, red rock, wide open spaces, the desert, lava land, the jungle, the beach? Where is your magic? Once you land on the terrain, think about the places you've adventured together and if any of them fit the bill and/or signify a special moment in your past. If you can't find a location that instills both of your passions, contact us and we'll help you out. Once you've landed on a location, you or someone you trust should