Why are the Danish So Happy?


Before I get into all of my observations about the Danes' unique offerings in life, I want to share with you an observation about my own life: It's official.... I've outgrown 12 bed dorms. Originally, I had planed to spend the first 4 nights in Copenhagen in a centrally located hostel (Bedwood Hostel). Well, after a 10.5 hour red eye flight, then a sleepless night I was ready to fork out the money to get my sanity back. Trying to adjust to the jet lag while listening to 12 people trudge in and out of the room and my stinky lower bunk mate (wreaked of cigarette smoke and boos) snored loud enough to wake the dead! Ear plugs be damned.


So, I found a darling place for rent on AirBnB and have never been so happy to spend a bit more money. My sanity has returned and it's been game on Denmark ever since (Above is a picture of my cute balcony).


Ok, now what makes Denmark different? Why are the so happy?


Pedestrian/Bike friendly

There are sidewalks and designated bike lanes EVERYWHERE. You're lucky to even find an adequate sidewalk in much of the US. Bicycles are not a nuisance because they have a place on the road. It's safer for everyone!


Plus, more Danish are getting exercise and saving money on gas, insurance, maintenance, and a car payment! There are a LOT less cars on the road which results in much less pollution!


I saw many Danes commute to the train on their bike, and board with their bike or stroller into the bike/stroller designated cabin and then when they reached their destination they were ready to roll. No road rage! Just easy! In the picture below you will see the dedicated bike lane and parked cars. They look like they are in the middle of the road but that's actually where you park on this one way street.