Deschutes River Trail- Bend, OR

This trail is magical and it's in the heart of Bend, Oregon, in the charming Old Mill District. I've done this hike hundreds of times and just can't get enough of it. The section of the Deschutes River Trail filmed is a 4 mile loop on the south end.  


This trail serves as the most amazing lunch break I've ever had. Most days, I work from BendTech, a local coworking space, then around noon I'd enjoy this 4 mile wonder, and finish my day working from my home office. 


This trail is kid, dog, squirrel, and bird friendly.  There are even places to boulder (rock climb without ropes), and plenty of nooks and crannies to get some alone time for journaling or yoga. If you want a longer trail this 4 mile loop can be turned into 9 miles if you include the north end. I prefer the south end because after just a few minutes of walking I escape the houses, the sound of traffic and am left with large pines, juniper trees, and a rushing river. I will say that the north end is great after dusk because much of it has lighting. 


The day I filmed there was a storm rolling in, so you couldn't see Mt. Bachelor. Also, in the summer the lake would be packed with kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, and floaters all enjoying the cool down that the Deschutes River so graciously provides. 


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