Blue Pool / Tamolitch Blue Pool- Central OR


Tamolitch, or more commonly known as "Blue Pool" is one of my all time favorite hikes! This dog-friendly Central Oregon (about an hour and 15 drive from Bend, OR) hike traverses through moss covered redwoods, cedars, and pine. Much of the hike spoils you with a crystal clear river running adjacent, serenading and cooling you off.


The hike is approximately 6 miles round trip. There are plenty of roots and volcanic rock to navigate around. If your pup's paws aren't super tough you might consider putting dog booties on them. Volcanic rock can be brutal.


Pack a picnic, the pool has endless nooks and crannies to enjoy one of the most picture-esc picnic possible! There are 2 places to cliff dive into the blue pool at your own risk. At my best eyeball guestimation I'd say the highest place is pushing 55+ feet and the lower spot is about 30 feet. Be warned, however, the pool maintains a frigid temperature in the 30s F all year long, and if you are injured it's a good 3 mile trek out. While the 30s sound brutal for swimming, it is perfect for chilling a few cold ones!



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