A Snapshot of Oregon's Southern Coast


I was so fortunate to cruise the Oregon Coast again, but this time I did it with my friend's handy GoPro! I spent most of my time in the south near Yachats, Waldport, and Newport. I learned a valuable lesson today... I am too old to sleep in my car. I used to "car camp" no problem but since I hurt my back and since I'm in my late 30s my body said very loudly, "Absolutely not!" My new plan is to try and couch surf the rest of the way north. Any takers? LOL.


The Oregon Coast is amazing! It's riddled with massive rocks that line the beach, drift wood, tall grasses, sandstone, and tide pools. The south end isn't busy, as you can see from my video. There are busy towns, but I gravitate towards the sparse. :) 


I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow and am lucky enough to have a friend there. 


I hope you enjoy Getting Back to Nature with me! 

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