The Top Silver Falls State Park Spots

Day 7 of my Getting Back to Nature Road Trip found me in Silver Falls State Park, OR. I've seen a million gorgeous pictures of this place and have been jonesing to go. Boy was it was worth the wait! Whether you start your journey at North or South falls, if you walk the entire rim trail (9.0 miles) you will see 10 gorgeous and unique waterfalls as well as: a moss covered forest, a clear creek, butterflies, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and peace. 


The massive cedars, pines, and redwoods offer an almost fully shaded trail which is a HUGE plus for me. You can hear the trickling water from the creek or the thundering falls the entire walk. It's a popular place, and even though it was Monday, there were plenty of families to navigate around. However, they didn't get too far from the parking lots (at North & South Falls), so if you do the entire rim the crowding isn't too bad mid-week.


There is nothing like fresh air, the sound of moving water, and nature's peace to relax and center you. I highly recommend it!