Devil's Lake is Heavenly


Happy Throw Yourself into Nature Thursday!


This was the 3rd day of my "Get back to nature" road trip and I had a blast! I floated on the Devil, had a solo car karaoke party, saw 3 epic lakes, and one waterfall!! 


I started the day by catching up with some friends over coffee (since I used to live in Bend). If you happen to wonder where the best coffee in town is, it's at Backporch. There are actually a ton of great mom and pop shops but Backporch is my favorite! Then it was time to get in the water! 


My buddies let me borrow their kayak (score!), so I loaded up and hit the Cascade Scenic Byway. Within 15-20 minutes I was in great reverence to the insane views of Mt. Bachelor and shortly there after the Three Sisters.



Then I arrived to my favorite lake on the byway, Devil's Lake. The color of the lake blows my time every visit. It has an array of emeralds and jade with crystal clear conditions. Surrounding the lake is volcanic rock and forest, which is cool to see submerged in some sections. Most of my float was over pristine white ground, then occasionally I'd cruise over black volcanic rock or downed trees!