Eco Road Trip - Getting Back to Nature

Happy belated Tiny Movement Tuesday and Zero Waste Wed!


The reason you didn't hear from me yesterday was I was in my car embracing my tiny dwelling for almost 13 hours! I drove from Studio City (LA) to Bend, Oregon without stops aside from fuel. I've done this drive many times now but this trip is different. I'm outfitting my little 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe into rig I can sleep in for this 3-5 week adventure. In preparation for the trip, I read some great books on the topic, my favorite being "Convert Your Minivan into an RV Camper" (Even though this was minivan I thought he had the most actionable and practical tips. I will be hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest, hitting spots that surround Bend, the Oregon Coast (Yachats & Cape Perpetua are my favorite Oregon Coastal spots), the Colombia Gorge, Seattle, Bellingham, Anacortes, and Victoria B.C. I might add more spots as I go. Let me know if you have a special natural hot spot I should go see!


I'm super excited and I promise to share my adventures and what I learn with you. Below are some pics of my ride (after the journey from LA to Bend, OR so it's covered in bug goo).