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For this Urban Farming Friday I had the great pleasure to speak with Queen Bee, Lisa Graham of YYC Beeswax. I had a lot to learn about this sweet topic, and Lisa didn't disappoint. The best part is I get to share our conversation with you through our podcast! We can learn about urban farming, the enviornment, and sustainability together!


I had no idea how many products bees produced. My favorite was probably bee's pollen. I loved how Lisa described the pollen traps as doormats for the bees. The pollen simply falls off of their feet as if they wiped their feet before entering their honeycomb home. I learned that the pollen comes in numerous colors and flavors depending on where the bees were and which plants the bees were pollinating from. This hour long glimpse into the apiary world was just the beginning for me. I can't wait to learn more. 


Since Graham is a soloprenuer (one person startup) we also had the chance to talk shop, and swap the pros and cons of being and entrepreneur, the challenges a startup offers, and the tools that have helped her shape and grow her company as well as manage the day to day operations. 


Below are some of her favorite tools:


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