Big Questions for Tiny Living

I have to tell you, I'm super intrigued about tiny living. I've lived as a nomad for 6 years bouncing all around the world. Currently, I've been in the same city for over a year and I'm chomping' at the bit to get out. Sometimes, you just want a little place that you can call yours and put your print on. A home base, if you will. In comes the tiny living movement. My favorite variation, and a life goal is to live in a sustainable tree house with solar and my own water. I do enjoy some modern comforts like a western style kitchen so I would say my aspirations are in the moderate realm of the movement. Still, I have countless questions I hope to get answered when I interview experts on our podcast, Earthy. Such as:


  • It seems like most people on HGTV who build a tiny home park it on their parents land. That doesn't seem like free living, it seems like free loading to me. Does the average tiny home owner live part time on friends and family lots and part time exploring? 

  • How much savings do you get if you do use the tiny home to explore and travel around the country? I'd imagine the fuel expense would match many people's rent/mortgage. 

  • Tiny homes seem to run from $30k - $100k, are all of these tiny homeowners really great savers, coming in with cash, or are they able to get a specialized loan for this venture?

  • How does the tiny home dweller get reliable internet connection? Do they venture to the nearest coffee house? I'd imagine many of them are location independent workers who would need an internet connection.

  • If your tiny home is hit while in transit does the insurance cover the repair? What insurance do you get (RV or home)? When is it considered totaled? What do you do if your home is in the shop?

These are just a few of my questions. Like I said, I'm super interested and by my questions it might seem like I'm skeptical, but I just want to get down to the day to day logistics to see how tiny living can best play a role in my life. If you have any answers to my questions I invite you to comment below or email me at and if you're a tiny house dweller or expert I'd love to chat with you about potentially guest appearing on Earthy


That's it for this Tiny Movement Tuesday! I'm looking forward to Zero Waste Wed! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!