Let's Get Earth-y




I settled on Earthy as the name of my blog because I thought it was a cute way to shorten "Earth Friendly." My goal is to rekindle our love for the outdoors through filming the best remaining nature hotspots and allowing my child-like enthusiasm to come across in the videos. I don't take myself too seriously, so I hope you enjoy a healthy dose of playfulness. I'm hoping to inspire you to seek out the nature near you. If you appreciate nature, you're more likely to fight to save what little natural eco systems remain. Plus, you'll improve your overall wellbeing.    


In today's world, the limits of environmental consciousness and sustainable practices is your imagination. Simple tweaks in habits coupled with education and a set up of a few systems and you are well on your way. In addition to travel videos, I want this blog (and podcast) to be a place you learn, become inspired, be entertained, and connect with like minded individuals in the furthering of our pursuit to save and cherish the nature around us.


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