Arenal COMBO Tour: Pedal & Paddle! Biking and Stand Up Paddling on Lake Arenal

Costa Rica has amazing natural features and the tranquil countryside is ideal for mountain biking in Costa Rica! You'll ride on trails that run through farmlands, close to the jungle and along the base of mountains and hills -- this Arenal Volcano mountain bike tour has you pedaling thourgh beautiful countryside as you explore Costa Rica's diverse natural environment. Your knowledgeable Costa Rica bike guide will help you spot interesting birds and even monkeys as you ride along.


You will bike along Lake Arenal at the base of the Arenal Volcano and pass rainforest, rural farmlands, and wildlife. You'll have the chance to see different kinds of monkeys, toucans, coatimundis and more! Make a stop along the way and have a nice snack while cooling off in a river or in Lake Arenal. You will bike on a gravel road connecting Lake Arenal to the Arenal Volcano National Park which stretches 8.3 miles each way.

After pedaling, enjoy a delicious lunch near our Pedal & Paddle Operations Center on Lake Arenal while relaxing before heading to the lake for your next adventure.


You will now try Stand Up Paddling (SUP). This sport looks exactly as it sounds: you stand up on a large, wide, super buoyant board (similar to a surfboard) and use a long paddle to move yourself and glide along in the water. In fact, you'll feel like you're walking on water! If you're a first-timer, no worries! This activity is perfect for all adventure enthusiasts!


Afterwards, be transported back to your hotel in our vans equipped with FREE WiFi and be sure to share your exciting memories with your friends and loved ones!

Pedal and Paddle Lake Arenal Costa Rica


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