We know adventure and the best places on earth to get married. After all, that's the founder of Adventure Guru in the pic! Contact us to co-create your perfect adventure wedding. 

"Don't worry about what everyone else thinks your wedding should be like"

Adventure Guru will hunt down the best adventure wedding location and experience for you. We curate your matrimonial experience based on the things that matter to you, your passions. We marry just enough simplicity and badassery for your perfect day. 

If your dream wedding costs more than the down payment on a house, take a good look at why that matters to you-- the underlying reason-- we'll help you can recreate what matters in a more simple, yet effective and memorable way. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks your wedding should be like. Love, passion, and authenticity are great cornerstones to build your wedding and new life together on. 

Adventure Guru would be honored to be part of your special day. Reach out to us with your interests, potential time frame, and budget. 

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